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SnipperClips review!

Developer/Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: Nintendo Switch

While The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might have been THE game to pick up on the Switch, there have been a number of smaller titles released exclusively on the e-store which are more than worth the purchase.

One such game is Nintendo’s charming puzzler SnipperClips – Cut it out, together!


SnipperClips may not showcase many of the Switch’s new features, or even be that demanding in terms of power required to run but that doesn’t stop it being a great game.

To put it simply, SnipperClips is a co-operative puzzle game designed for up to 4 players – a few modes are 1-2 players only, whereas others (provided you have the extra Joycons) are 2-4!  There is no story, just puzzle after puzzle.

As the player(s) you take control of pieces of paper with legs and adorable facial expressions and are tasked with cutting each other into different shapes to solve a variety of puzzles. Puzzles start off as simple as filling various shapes, before greatly increasing in difficulty.

The game can be played completely solo, with the player being able to switch between all the different paper-based characters on the screen at the press of a button but this can be quite a laborious task, especially when some challenges require precise timings of actions to complete effectively.

Admittedly, I found it a little hard to play on my own and found it more enjoyable when I had someone else to play it with – and thanks to the Switch’s unique Joycon controllers you are able to play multiplayer straight out of the box.


Graphically, SnipperClips is nothing to brag about – it’s hardly the next Crysis – but that isn’t a problem in the slightest. I’ve never been one to put graphics ahead of decent gameplay  (my most played game still to this day is 3DO’s classic Might and Magic VII)!

What you are greeted with however, is a charming 2D puzzler with bright colours and characters that are even more delightful. Each level looks like something out of a child’s schoolbook, filled with doodles and is highly decorated – each more creative than the last.

In Conclusion

In terms of longevity, SnipperClips lasted me approximately 5 hours before I had finished all of the two-player puzzles with my girlfriend – I’ve actually done very few of the 4 player levels, due to the reasons stated above, but those 5 hours were definitely some of the most fun I’ve had in recent gaming years.

Sure, it’s no Zelda, but SnipperClips is definitely one of the best and most creative games on Nintendo’s new console – and possibly one of the most creative games I’ve ever seen! Definitely worth the £18 that was spent on launch day.


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